How to use water-based glass baking resin

2019-07-11 09:03:10

1. Water-based glass baking resin spray glass appearance, firstly put the adhesive B800 into the varnish or color paint according to the 1.5% share of the varnish quantity, and then dilute the water-based glass paint baking varnish with the purified water, the dilution share is suitable for spraying without affecting the color Appropriate, after dilution, participate in appropriate amount of color essence or color paste, stir evenly, filter with 200 mesh-300 intention mesh cloth, filter debris and bubbles, and spray directly.

2. Place the sprayed glass workpiece in a dust-free place for 3-5 minutes before baking in the oven. The baking temperature of the transparent paint is 160°C-170°C, the baking temperature of the solid paint is 170°C-180°C, and the constant temperature is 20-30 minutes; the detailed time is grasped by the construction, but the paint must be completely cured, otherwise Affect the water and alcohol resistance of the paint film.


3. If vacuum coating is applied, the sprayed transparent paint film can be appropriately lowered in temperature when baking, and the baking time may be reduced, for example, when the temperature reaches 130-140 degrees, it is baked for 20 minutes or when the temperature reaches 160 degrees, it is baked for 10 minutes. If the topcoat does not need to be painted, it can be baked at a temperature of 160-170 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

4. When baking, it must be gradually heated, that is, gradually increase from room temperature to the set temperature, and then keep the set temperature for the time required for baking. Avoid high temperature when directly spraying or wet film. The workpiece is placed directly into the oven so that it is very simple to foam.

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