Five application areas of waterborne PU resin

2019-07-11 09:16:42

Material compounding: bonding and compounding of PVC, PP, ABS, XPE, PU, PET, wood, cloth, paper and other materials;

Automotive interior rubber: automotive interior coated rubber (door panel, instrument panel, handrails, etc.), automotive interior flocking glue (storage box, sealing strip, backup tire cover and other flocking).

Flocking glue: Electrostatic flocking can be used on various plastic parts (PVC, ABS, PU), sponges, metal parts and other materials.


Vacuum plastic: vacuum plastic molding of soft materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and MDF, particleboard, wood, etc., applied to paint-free doors, cabinets, computer tables, speaker boards, etc.

Coatings (coatings) of metals, glass, stone, wood, rubber, plastics, fabrics, etc., as coatings for metal, glass, stone, etc., to enhance surface brightness, wear and aging, solvent and corrosion resistance, Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, acid and alkali resistance. When it is finished as a fabric, it can be soft and comfortable, waterproof, breathable and moisture-permeable, bright and beautiful in color, anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinking and anti-pilling.

Article from waterborne PU resin manufacturers:

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