Application status of waterborne PU resin

2019-07-11 09:07:41

Following the process of integration in the international market, the high quality and low pollution of products will be raised to a certain height. The joint research of many scientific research units in China, the continuous involvement of technology-based enterprises, and the various high-performance water-based PU resins will become mainstream products, eventually replacing solvent-based products. Therefore, the research on the composition of water-based PU resin for leather needs to be further deepened.

1. Water-based PU resin should reflect diversity, utility and fashion

The history of the construction of the leather industry in China is lacking for 15 years. Because the leather products are characterized by diversification, utility and fashion, they are carried out very quickly. On average, there are ten new varieties introduced to the market every year. Therefore, the water-based PU resin has It is necessary to adapt to the pace of development of the composition.

Diversification requirements: At present, the composition of leather products has been applied to various areas of daily life, such as shoe leather, garment leather, luggage leather, sofa leather, glove leather, automobiles leather, etc. The diversity of leather products is very obvious. The composition of these different categories has different functions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a corresponding water-based PU resin to suit it.

Functionalization requirements: Different leather products in different categories or in the same category have different functional characteristics. This is the differentiation of varieties, which is reflected in the different functional requirements of leather products. For example, the shoe leather needs wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, but the light color leather also needs yellowing resistance; the garment leather not only needs low temperature and softness, but also needs the same feel of leather, and needs to be breathable and moisture permeable; the home leather needs wear and dirt resistance. Fire retardant and the like are also required. Different composition leathers have different functional characteristics, and most of them rely on the functionalization of water-based polyurethane.

Fashionability requirements: At least dozens of each year, the white leather products are brought to market. Some of the leather products are refurbished every few years, and some are refurbished every year, every quarter, especially like women's handbags, which are changing every day and are very fashionable. Then the development of water-based PU resin is also necessary to comply with this trend, to survive in the change, to seek development in the change.

2. Waterborne PU resin has a price advantage

In theory, water-based PU resin should have a price advantage over solvent-based PU resin. Therefore, it is always the subject of research to explore high-quality water-based PU resin. This can be started from the following four aspects:

First, further select the materials used to form the resin, select the raw materials with higher cost performance, and apply them to the resin production process. For example, at that time, the price of TDI (toluene-isocyanate) material rose sharply, and MDI (_phenylmethane-isocyanate) material could be used instead, so that the price of the product would fall without affecting the function. .


The second is to change the composition of the process road. The production process of waterborne polyurethane is much more complicated than solvent-based products, and the equipment process requirements are more stringent. The production process and roads are different, and the cost of producing water-based resin is also different. Therefore, the selection of optimized production processes and roads is also the main point of research for water-based polyurethane production enterprises.

The third is to develop high-functional additives. When water-based polyurethanes are often produced, it is necessary to use functional additives. Therefore, it is necessary for the resin producer to carry out the development of the auxiliaries. Only in this way can the price be reduced.

The fourth is to quickly form a water-based resin to produce and use the industrial chain to reduce the cost of raw material production and acquisition. Strengthen the development of raw materials, reduce the dependence on the situation in Japan, and then truly complete the cost reduction of waterborne resins.

3. Waterborne PU resin should have excellent ecological properties

The main factors for the completion of waterborne PU resin come from its environmental and ecological properties. It is predicted that the composition of water-based polyurethane processing can be made into massage chair and grass mattress, because it has the same feel of leather and breathable, moisture permeability, easy to wipe, more anti-fouling, and its function is better than ordinary bed sheets. Favored by people. The component leather processed with water-based resin can also be used for home interior finishing. A few days ago, high-end hotels have begun to use the composition of the leather decoration, followed by the future development, will certainly enter the general family.

Of course, this requires that the water-based polyurethane that makes up the leather has better non-toxic environmental protection. First of all, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate the heavy metal elements in the waterborne polyurethane to prevent excessive heavy metal elements from damaging the human body. Secondly, efforts should be made to reduce the amount of solvent used in the aqueous polyurethane composition, so as to achieve solvent-free production, even if solvent is used, it must be selected. The human body is non-toxic solvent; the second is to strictly control the amount of additives, colorants, and choose safe and environmentally friendly additives and colorants. To ensure the ecological nature of the composition of the leather, the scope of the use of the leather can be further expanded. Fujian Baolite label: artificial leather, composition leather, PU leather, PVC leather, water-based polyurethane, luggage leather, sofa leather, car seat leather, garment leather, shoe leather, decoration leather, new polymer materials.

4. Waterborne PU resin should have better process operability

The production value of the leather is several billion meters per year. The processing of the leather is completely mechanized. Therefore, it is necessary to make the water-based polyurethane of the leather have better process operation. First, it is convenient to adjust the pulp. Usually, it is necessary to add the colorant to the water-based resin. After the machine can be used, it is necessary to make the pulping simple, convenient, easy and convenient. First, the machine is well operated, and the water-based resin slurry needs to meet the requirements of the machine operation. The viscosity is easy to control, and no sag, agglomeration or delamination occurs during use. The second is easy to dry, the evaporation rate of bamboo water is slower, and the water-based PU resin film absorption energy is large, but it can be modified by technology to complete the resin, and then adapt to the requirements of the tannery to increase production capacity during the peak season.

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