What are the advantages of water-based glass baking resin?

2019-07-11 09:13:01

After the glass lacquer is decorated with the glass products, it can present glass processing products with different colors and rich colors, which are favored and appreciated by consumers. Water-based glass baking varnish resin is a new type of glass lacquer material, which causes unique and rapid recognition by the consumer market. What are the advantages of water-based glass baking varnish resin?

1. Water-based glass baking resin has good environmental performance. The water-based glass lacquer is mainly produced by using modified environmentally-friendly resin. Therefore, during the construction process, the produced product will not be poisonous, and there will be no substances harmful to the environment. It is an environmentally friendly and safe product.

2, water-based glass paint resin water resistance is good, water-based glass paint water resistance time of up to 720 hours, water-based glass paint resistance to boiling water for more than four hours, is able to withstand high temperature paint.


3. The construction of water-based glass baking resin is simple. Waterborne glass lacquer is much simpler to construct than oily glass lacquer. Can be used for spraying, showering, dip coating and hand-painting.

4. The gloss of water-based glass baking resin can reach more than 93 degrees.

5, water-based glass paint resin products and rich colors, consumers can further choose according to family needs.

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