What are the precautions for using water-based glass baking resin?

2019-07-11 09:16:18

1. When working, keep the work site clean and dust-free, the site temperature should be higher than 8 °C, and the relative humidity is lower than 85%;

2, all material configuration ratioses are weight ratio, should be prepared in strict accordance with the operating ratio and order, pay attention to evenly stirred, and maintain sufficient time to rest reaction;

3, the prepared materials should be filtered and used, generally used up within 7 days;

4. The grease, dirt and moisture on the surface of the painted glass should be clean and kept dry;

5. When doing lamination coating, the next layer of film must be dried before proceeding to the next process;


6. When using an oven and other equipment to speed up the curing time, be sure to wait until the coating film is dry before baking.

7. Please avoid contact with water or other solvents before the coating is dried.

8. This product is pure water-based environmental protection professional glass paint. Please do not mix it with oil paint or other paints. It must be used with pure water-based glass paint series products.

9. After opening various materials, seal them tightly and keep them in a cool and ventilated place to avoid sunlight. The temperature during storage and transportation must not be lower than 0 ° C or higher than 45 ° C.

10. Please read the requirements and precautions of various materials carefully before use.

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